About Us

The Kabadiwala works on the sector of waste management and organizing the waste sector.
As of now there is no way to track your waste material, we provide you the same.

The Kabadiwala is doorstep service intends to help out busy people to sell their house hold
junk like old newspaper and scraps material etc.
The Kabadiwala is here to solve the problem of the unorganized sector of the country i.e.
dealing with waste or scrap material.

We are here to with the motto Go Green Recycle, Reduce, Reuse.
Online Kabadiwala, Sell your house hold junk like Newspaper, iron, plastic, books, copies etc
and get paid for it.

The Kabadiwala is a platform which is environment friendly service, we recycle what you

In scrap dealers are the direct link between the recycling sector and e-waste producers, but unorganized, less efficient, non-reluctant to better administrative support and earns relatively little.
The resident behavior of kabadiwals are only scavenger, as a cleaner, our aim is to break the traditional face of this disadvantage groups and link them with a cooperative business model where their traditional approach of doing business
is supported through technological intervention.
The problems of the kabadiwalas, are realized by the fact that they are harassed by a paucity of working capital, debt
traps, loan sharks, high operational costs, fluctuating prices and collection volumes, and low margins. It is found that they
are also losing their keenness due to big players and disintermediation. The social problems this community was facing
included lack of identity and state recognition, low acceptance in society, and harassment by police and the neighbors.
Through this project, everybody will help in recycling of approximately 18 tons per year and reduce operating costs. The
project will benefit them via an increase of `4,500 in monthly net income, access to their children to better education and a positive contribution to society. Our project aims to bring a positive environmental impact, with millions of waste getting diverted from landfills and supplied to recycle plant

About Us

The Kabadiwala works on the sector of waste management and organizing the waste sector
Business hours
Mon – Sat: 9AM – 6PM, Sunday : closed

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