Theft policy

  • Creating a record of each seller through a form of personal I.D.
  • Recording the license number of the vehicle used to deliver the material (including trailer, if applicable).
  • Obtaining the seller’s signature for each transaction.
  • Certain types of materials are considered prohibited just by their very nature. These items may be refused unless the purchase is made in conjunction with a contract or letter of authorization. Material that deserves special consideration may include the following:
  • New production scrap or new materials that are a part of a manufacturing process and are being sold by an individual as opposed to a company.
  • Items that are often times only used by government, utilities or specific industrial purposes. Examples would be guardrails, manhole covers, and cables for high-voltage lines, historical markers or cemetery plaques.
  • New materials as used in major construction or equipment and tools used by contractors.
  • Materials that are normally not accessed by the general public, such as bleachers, railway iron material or street signs.


  • • The information thus gathered by our users, can be shared sometimes by Acumen in some issues by the following reasons