• FAQ'S


Where is this service operational?

At Present we are providing services in the city of Raipur at Chhattisgarh State, and will be operating soon in the remaining districts of the state.

Are there additional costs for Pickup?

No, we don't charge any additional cost for your request pickup.

How to made a request?

We request our registered Users to fill up the form in order to get instant reply.Please provide the following information about your needs to help us serve you better. This information will enable us to route your request to the appropriate person.

What about wet waste?

Wet waste does not have substantial re-sell value, and we believe trucking the city's waste many kilometers out of the city each day is not the best environmental solution- nor is it good for the communities near these landfills. Try turning your wet waste into nutritious compost with Daily Dump's products or make your own!

Can I register my Society?

Yes, you can register your society and when the entire baggage to be dumped at kabad is 15kg or more you can just give us a call or mail us, we collect the baggage at door step.

What do you do with all this stuff?

We see if the stuff you are selling can be either reused by somebody else. If not, then we try if can it be refurbished. If that still is not the case, then we try to recycle or melt it away to make something better out of it.

My item is not listed in your list! Will you buy it?

If you have used it in the past, probabilities are, somebody might want to reuse it or it is recycled. So we will make our best efforts to grab it from you if possible.

Are you currently offering all the services mentioned ?

Right now we are providing services only at selected locations. However, we are expanding rapidly and would soon cover your location too. Please create a login on our site, to keep yourself posted about updates of our services.

What is E-Waste? What items come under E-Waste?

We accept old electrical and electronic items. These include personal computers, laptops, mouse, key boards, mobile phones, telephones, fax machines, copiers, printers, washing machines, dryers, cables & wires, microphones, refrigerators, air-conditioners, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, inverters, televisions.

What items are meant not to be accepted?

We take almost every item that comes under solid dry and recyclable category. Some items, however are not recyclable, thus are not accepted by us. Following is a partial list of items that we do not accept: Broken glass, tube lights, bulbs, CFL Lamps and any other solids containing hazardous or toxic material etc. Based on our learning, we have also stopped taking any kind of polythene bags/covers and milk covers due to improper segregation of items by most users and/or unclean/incomplete drying of items.